About Mini Leg-Inc

Leg-Inc, founded in 2012, started designing for children as well because we couldn’t think of a better relax and comfortable pants for kids then our own favourite Leg-Incs. We started to design them mostly custommade and later on we had a small collection in our store in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Since 2016 we seperated both labels and Mini Leg-Inc started as an independent label. Mini Leg-Inc designs pants which kids really want to wear everyday, it’s fashionable candy!
Wearing a Mini Leg-Inc, boys and girls can be playful as cool together. They have a super comfortable fit and are absolutely playproof!
Kids love the hysteric and unique designs and are absolutely over the moon by wearing one, esspecially when mommy wears the same one from Leg-Inc. Print on print, print combined with a simple uni sweater or dress. Wear them however you want or feel like, it’s a party every day and show everyone the reason you got legs!

About our shop

Our Leg-inc store in the real world (with real people)

If you cannot figure out what to choose or you want to know how the Leg-Inc's look on you, please be welcome in our shop in Amsterdam.

We are thrilled to help you find which leg-inc fits your personality the best.

Address: Bilderdijkstraat 200 1053 LE Amsterdam

 ++ shop hours ++

Monday        CLOSED
Tuesday       10:00-18:00
Wednesday   10.00-18.00
Thursday      10.00-18.00
Friday          10.00-18.00
Saturday      10.00-18.00
Sunday        CLOSED

Thank you!

We would love to give our special thanks to:

Our fabulous photographer Matthijs Immink www.matthijsimmink.com for his fantastic pics and ideas!
To the great illustrator and magic drawing fairy Miriam Bouwens, she gave our website just the extra sparkles we wanted! Follow her on her lovely website: miriambouwens.blogspot.com
The graphic magician Rein Roelofsz for the logo’s and artwork www.pund.nu